For large scale use, it is optimal to install 1000 KW solar panel system to get benefits. 1000 Kw solar panel price in Pakistan as well as all other details to install this system is discussed in this blog in detail.

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Solar panels for managing industrial electricity load in Pakistan, is becoming increasingly popular due to the current inflation. The country’s energy needs are more than the electricity produced by the resources.

To get rid of load shedding along with heavy electricity bills, people of Pakistan are switching to solar panel systems to install on their places. This will not only resolve the issue of load shedding but also reduce electricity cost from WAPDA.

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How solar plates work?

1000 kw solar panel price in pakistan

Solar panels are also called photovoltaic panels, which are designed to capture the sunlight and then process it into electricity. Solar panels have a large number of embedded solar cells whose purpose is to generate direct current from sunlight.

Made up of semi conductor material, typically silicon, they generate electric current which is stored in batteries. From the batteries, electric current is supplied to all electric appliances. In this way, electricity cost is reduced because appliances shift to solar panels in day time.

Solar plates are mounted on open areas where they must be exposed to sunlight for the maximum day like on roof tops.

Solar plates are the key component to estimate the total cost of the system to be installed.

What is the solar panel price in Pakistan for a commercial setup?

Instead of relying on grid stations for electricity, abundant energy of sun is successfully captured by solar plates to generate electricity for various applications.

 For installing a complete solar panel system in the place, solar plates come at first. It depends upon the type of solar plates you are purchasing and the number of plates as per electric power demand.

They come in different prices under various brand names. Size of the plates also varies as per its production outcome.

On the second number, high power batteries are needed. Batteries count and power depends upon the solar plate’s power generation. More good is the battery, more is the secure system.

To place solar plates in the open space, there is required a solar plates holding frame. Strong frame is embedded on the floor base to protect plates from high speed wind and other weather conditions. Weak frame can lead to a great loss to all your investment by poorly handling the plates.

Electric wires are required to connect with solar plates from one end and to the batteries from the other end.

They will take the current from plates and will supply to the batteries for their charging.

1000 Kw solar panel price in Pakistan

1000 kw solar panel price in Pakistan

A 1000 Kilowatt solar setup is also known as a 1 megawatt (MW) solar system.

1000 KW solar installation is usually used for commercial, industrial purposes, or large scale utility purposes.

So what a 1000 kW solar system posses and generates, read below:

This system can generate approximately 1,000,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in a year (This is an assumption while considering optimal conditions and minimal shading).

Electric power can somehow vary a little depending upon weather conditions.

A 1000 kW solar system consists of thousands of solar panels as well as inverters, and other components. What will be the exact number of panels and components, it will depend upon the specific design and efficiency of the equipment being installed.

1000 kw solar panel price in Pakistan is in millions now. Installation will include solar plates, batteries, frames, wires and other little accessories to setup the system. As big is the system as are the materials required to accommodate.

1000 kw solar panel price in Pakistan is certainly based on the factors like area of installation, solar plate quality, installation materials costs, and present government incentives if available.

Also, it involves permitting grid interconnection agreements, and compliance with various technical standards. Three phase meter or commercial meter is installed for net metering to save excessive electricity produced. Other safety measures also required to be accomplished.

A 1000 kW solar system installation is a significant investment for energy savings, and to reduce electricity cost. For achieving the purpose, it is mandatory to work with experienced solar professionals to install, and maintain such a large scale solar installation.

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Must keep in mind before installing solar panel system

Though 1000 kW solar panel system leads to significant electric cost reduction, and may help saving energy for future use, it is crucial to invest your time before letting anyone to install.

Before installing, it’s important to conduct a site assessment by the professional. Keeping your energy needs in mind, consult with reputable solar installers, to ensure you may get the best suitable price quotation.

Do not forget to mention all the related equipment manufacturers in the quotation. It is because your energy generation is highly affected by the quality of solar plates.

To get most out of your investment, get updated quotes and information from local providers. You may get reviews from other owners, who have already installed the setup at their commercial place.

After installation, the most important care is the regular maintenance of the plates. It will ensure the system operates efficiently and generate the expected amount of electricity over its lifespan that is usually 20-25 years or more.

Solar plates needs to be cleaned after a certain period of time to remove dust, heavy dust on the plates also reduces their efficiency to generate power.

Does a large scale 1000 kW solar panel system will have any impact on environment?

Such a large scale solar panel system have a positive environmental impact as it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel dependence for electricity generation. There is no waste output released in the environment by solar panels to harm environment.

It is good to switch to solar system for meeting your energy demands at low cost. But before investing your money for the whole setup, invest your time to find the best solar panel provider company.

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