Get to know all about 1 KW solar panel price and 500 W solar panel price.

When it comes to setting up a solar panel system to reduce electric bills in your personal home space, it is very important to consider your home electricity requirement. When you are sure about your need, then go to check for the size and quality of the panels along with pricing from renowned retailers.

Popular options for solar panel setup in home include 1 KW solar panel and 500 W solar panel system. Both are suitable for setting up in a house as per requirement.

500 W solar panel setup

Are you considering investing in a 500 W solar panel setup?

Look no further! In this blog, we will be exploring all the details and potential cost of a 500 W solar panel setup.

500 w solar panel setup is the best choice when considering a balance between output efficiency and affordability.

A 500 w solar panel system is a good solution for a little setup that can significantly reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources.

By harnessing the solar abundant energy, you can generate electricity for your house as well as can also enjoy long term money savings.

500 W solar panel price in Pakistan

When it comes to the pricing of a 500 W solar panel system in Pakistan, a number of factors come into play.

It is not only the type and quality of the panels, cost of plates and batteries installation and government subsidies. There may be any other equipment required for optimal performance of the plates.

It typically consists of a single solar plate. Solar cells foot print consists of about 27.5 square feet. Weight of the 500 W solar panel is about 32 kg approximately.

500 W solar panel price in Pakistan ranges between 45,000 to 50,000 depending upon the quality and manufacturing company.

It is important here to keep in mind that investing in solar panels is a wise long-term decision. It’s not just one time installation cost; you have to maintain the setup after it. If you will compromise on the quality at first, you will bear the consequences later definitely.

By exploring the pricing options from various retailers available in Pakistan and understanding the components involved, you can make a better decision that goes with your budget.

Pakistan government is offering various incentives to solar panel investors, including net metering, that allows you to sell extra units of electricity back to the grid.

There may be some subsidies available, so must check for these points before investing your money.

1 kw solar panel setup

1 KW solar panel system is an excellent choice for the individuals who are searching for a cost-effective investment.

It is the need of time to go for solar panel setup, if you want to have a sustainable investment and reduce your rapidly rising electricity bills.

Renewable energy is the best solutions to harness energy as a choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

1 kilowatt solar panel system can generate up to 1 kilowatt of electricity under most ideal conditions. However, most of the times electricity generation is not exactly 1 KW as it depends upon many factors.

1 Kw solar panel setup is ideal for smaller residential property as it can help to run many electrical appliances. It certainly helps to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources.

Number of solar plates in 1 KW solar plates are approximately 4 to 6. It consists on the size of solar plate.

6 solar plates of power 160 watt will be operated via 12 volts and a solar inverter to run appliances.

1 KW solar panel price

1 KW solar panel price is about 1 lac. However, price can range up to 150,000 as per area and retailer from which you are purchasing.

1 kW solar panel price in Pakistan may vary depending on various factors such as manufacturing brand, quality of plates, installation cost, and materials required to install like solar plate frames etc.

With advancements in technology, going on solar has never been more  beneficial. Make the smart choice today can help you also enjoy long-term financial benefits.

Excessive units of produced electricity can be transferred to the grid if there is net metering. It can help to save your extra units and compensate in next months.

If you have a large or commercial setup which you are planning to shift on solar panels, then go for more power solar panels like 1000 KW solar panel system or 500 KW.


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price & electricity generation.


Why you must prefer to install solar panels at your house?

Pakistan is facing severe inflation in the present time. Electricity cost has been increased a number of times and yet it has not stopped.

With the rising prices and heavy electricity bills, people are getting frustrated and wandering to find out the solutions.

There cannot be the wisest decision than investing on solar panels at one time and generating your own electricity.

Solar panels offer a reliable source of energy, in populated cities as well as remote areas. Government incentives and net metering programs further encourage adoption.

Huge benefit is that the initial investment can be recouped through long-term savings on electricity bills so it is a sound choice for homeowners to adopt.

Also it is not causing any harm to the environment instead reducing carbon emission.  So, it is the source of cleaner and more sustainable energy future in Pakistan.

Do not compromise on quality

One time quality compromise…again and again spending

One time good investment…long term financial benefit

Its certainly your choice. If you will compromise on the quality of solar plates and save some money, you may have to spend again and again in maintaining those panels.

Electric current generation reduces in low quality plates over time. More over, they can be damaged easily with a severe weather condition.

High-quality solar panels are designed to bear various weather conditions and have a longer lifespan which ensures optimal performance with the passage of time.

Durable solar panel system will not only help to save electricity cost but also will be better to maintain for a long time.

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