Dermacos facial kit products & their price in detail is discussed in this blog. Dermacos products are getting huge popularity for past few years due its amazing results on Asian skin.

Skin care treatments are no doubt, crucial for maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Especially when the environment is so polluted, it is essential to pay attention to skin care treatments. The importance of skin care procedures can’t be ignored, as they provide a range of benefits for overall skin health from inside.

Regular skin care procedures help to keep the skin health in optimal condition.  They are meant to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish it. This also prevents various skin issues such as dryness, and premature aging.

Dermacos skin care products have a wide range. Starting from the cleansers to massage creams, hydrating creams, skin toners, polisher and face masks.

In this blog, get in touch to know about Dermacos facial kit products in detail.

Dermacos facial kit products & price

Dermacos facial kit products are well known to improve overall skin glow.

Dermacos facial kit specifically contains ingredients and formulations which are designed to target various skin issues.

 Combination of certain products contributes to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Dermacos facial kit products and functions vary depending upon the specific kit. However, below is given a general list of Dermacos facial kit products and their effects on skin:

Dermacos Cleanser (Hexogonal)

dermacos facial kit- hexagonal cleansers

Dermacos hexagonal cleanser is best to use on 30+ year age group. It has a thick lotion texture and designed for dry and mature skin to provide optimal results.

Always put the cleanser on freshly washed face and gently massage with fingertips. The cleanser helps to remove dust particles, makeup residues as well as oil from the skin.

Its purpose is to prepare skin for the other steps of the facial. It has added Triclosan, which reduce the chance of spreading acne causing bacteria.

Dermacos hexagonal skin cleanser price is about 700 Rs (200g).

Dermacos cooling cucumber cleanser


dermacos facial kit products

It is also one of the best cleansers in the market. Dermacos cooling cucumber cleanser has been specifically designed for normal and soft young skin.

Way of use is simple as to wash the face and then apply it. Massage with fingers and wipe out.

Dermacos cooling cucumber cleanser price is about 600 Rs (200g).

Dermacos skin toner


dermacos skin toner

Dermacos energizing soothing toner is one of the best products. of the facial kit. It helps your skin to get pore free look.

This skin toner combats with free radicals and balance skin pH. Thus, exfoliates the skin for refined and smoother look. It is highly nutritive for the nourishment of skin.

Dermacos skin toner price is 450-500 Rs approx.

Dermacos grey lotion


grey lotion

Dermacos grey lotion is the blend of vitamins and amino acids which are supposed to repair the damaged skin. It aid in maintenance and growth of unhealthy skin.

Dermacos grey lotion price is about 360-380 Rs approx.

Dermacos grey cream

dermacos grey cream

Dermacos grey cream is also the mixture of certain vitamins and amino acids. They help to attain instant whitening look. This cream is the vital part of whitening facial kit.

It also repairs the damaged and uneven skin tone and give a smooth shiny glow.

Dermacos grey cream price is about 550 Rs (200gm).

Dermacos Guava glow Scrub

dermacos guava scrub

Dermacos guava glow scrub is used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. It helps to regenerate new skin cells thus, promotes cell turnover. Also, it does not make your skin dry so helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Blood circulation to skin is also improved by gentle scrubbing and a fine glow is attained. this is one of the best dermacos skin care products.

Dermacos guava glow scrub price is about 800RS (200gm).

Dermacos skin lightening serums

dermacos skin serum

Dermacos skin lightening serum has a very important ingredient “Arbutin” which works particularly on Asian skin. It helps to reduce the production of melanin, which darkens the skin tone.

Addition of kojic acid has increased its brightening effect on the skin. So the serum is best to treat pigmentation, dark skin tone and un-even skin.

Dermacos skin lightening serum price is about 200 Rs (2mL).

Dermacos refining enzymatic mask

dermacos face mask-dermacos skin care products

It is a highly refining enzymatic mask which is specially formalized to remove the harsh chemical effects from the skin or any impurity which may has developed on skin after treatment with other facial products.

Dermacos refining enzymatic mask lifts the skin and activates cellular function. Skin looks more fresh and vitalized after it appliance.

It helps to hydrate and soothe the skin at the end of the complete facial procedure.

Dermacos refining enzymatic mask price is about 570-600 Rs (200g).

Pre packaged Dermacos facial kit or customized?

Dermacos facial kit products are available as ready made kits, containing all the essential items as well as separately.

It is solely customer choice to buy the individual products or complete kit.

It is a benefit in customizing your kit by selecting individual products as per specific need and preference. This helps you to personalize your skin health routine.

Some of the popular Dermacos facial kits include the Dermacos whitening facial kit and Dermacos Gold Radiance facial kit.

In general, the Dermacos facial kit products are designed to provide a complete skincare routine which promotes healthy and glowing skin.

The Dermacos Skin Polish kit also helps to improve skin texture. It removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin instantly.

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Why it is good to opt Dermacos skin care products?

Dermacos is a UK based brand, which has attained popularity in a short time. It is only due to the quality of the dermacos skin care products and their amazing effects on the skin.

It has changed the skin care procedures game by giving absolutely best outcomes on the skin. And off course, the price range of Dermacos skin care products is affordable for the economical sector.

But remember that it is important to consider your skin type before buying any product. You may consult with your dermatologist.

Dermacos facial kit products help to improve skin texture by Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizers and detoxifying skin more effectively. Thus, it is worth buying due to more potent and beneficial for all skin types.


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