No doubt, its a crucial time for learners after completing 12th grade because they have to move forward towards the selection of a professional degree. It is very important to search fields after FSc pre-medical in detail if you were a premedical student in intermediate. There are a number of degrees after FSc pre-medical; which are being offered by both private and Government sector universities.  Choosing one of the best medical fields other than MBBS is the priority of every student. In this blog, you will find detailed overview of medical science fields in Pakistan.

After completing intermediate in Pakistan, students have various fields after FSc pre-medical to pursue.

Every student tries his level best to clear Mdcat and secure admission in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) or BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). But not all the students are able to achieve the target.

Additionally, students can opt for other degrees after FSc pre-medical like Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) to become a pharmacist, DVM (Doctor f Veterinary Medicine), Microbiologist, Medical Imaging Technology or others.

Pakistani universities offers a diverse range of medical science fields, which enable students to specialize and contribute to the healthcare sector.

Read here to know about high scope medical fields other than MBBS, top ranked universities offering them and their scope in Pakistan.

Medical Science fields; Fields after FSc pre-medical

Medical sciences has revolutionized the world with amazing interventions. All this has been possible just because of the advancement in studies related to medical science fields. Students prefer to specialize in their interested fields after FSc pre-medical.

Here are top 5 medical science fields which have high scope in Pakistan as well as foreign countries. Before selecting any of them, read below their area of courses and job opportunities.

Degrees after FSc pre-medical

degrees after FSc pre-medical, Fields after FSc pre-medical

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1- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

DVM is a 5 year professional degree program and one of the best degrees after FSc pre-medical. It is offered in many universities in their medical science fields in Pakistan.

Course program includes subjects related to disease diagnosis and treatment of  animals.

Top ranked universities for doing DVM are University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) and University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF). These universities have good setup and offer hands on training in various subjects.

As they are on top, so competition is also tough here. You must secure good marks to get admission in these universities.

Moreover, Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB) and many other are offering this professional degree.

DVM jobs in Pakistan

There are a number of job opportunities for DVM degree holders in both government sector as well as private.

Government jobs are regularly announced in veterinary or livestock department. Government research institutes also offer jobs to work as a scientist or researcher.

Private dairy farms and processing units also hire veterinary doctors to keep check on animal health. Veterinary pharmaceuticals, feeding mills and others also hire veterinary doctors regularly.

2- Doctor f Physical Therapy (DPT)

Doctor of physical therapy is a 5 year professional program which is offered in various medical institutes. Study program includes subjects related to physiology and anatomy of man.

Top universities offering DPT program includes King Edward Medical college, The University of Lahore (UOL), University of Sialkot, Government college University Faisalabad (GCUF) and others.

Merit of DPT is also high, so check previous merit lists to have an idea that you will secure admission or not.

DPT jobs in Pakistan

Job demands of physiotherapists has been increased since few years. They can setup their own clinic as well as join hospitals to treat patients.

DPT professionals can also join armed forces but there are not lot more opportunities there.

Special children schools or schools for disables also hires physiotherapist in large numbers for the well being of kids.

Fields after FSc pre-medical


3- Pharm D

Pharm D is also a 5 year degree program which is offered by a large number of universities across Pakistan.

Course work includes subjects related to medicinal formation, functionality, processing and packaging.

Top universities offering pharm D includes BZU Multan, UVAS Lahore, IUB Bahawalpur, the University of Punjab and others.

Pharm D jobs in Pakistan

Job opportunities for Pharmacists are many as they can setup their own pharmacy. On the other hand, they can join pharmaceuticals which announce jobs time to time.

Pharmacists can also join research institutes as well as can do lectureship.

4- Medical Imaging Technology (MIT)

Medical Imaging Technology is an emerging program in Pakistan and one of best medical fields other than MBBS. It is a 4 year study program and offered in various medical colleges and some other universities.

Subjects included in the study program are related to invasive diagnostic procedures.

They specialize as radiologists and performs CT scans, MRI, ultrasounds and other tests.

Top institutes for MIT are King Edward Medical College, Nishtar Medical College and other medical colleges.

MIT jobs in Pakistan

There are many job opportunities for medical imaging technologists.

They can join hospitals as well as private diagnostic labs as radiologists. Every hospital now hires radiologists in their diagnostics departments.

Moreover, they can set up their own diagnostic lab.

5- Microbiology

Microbiology is a 4 year professional bachelor degree program. It includes courses which focus on microbial organisms growth, pathogencity and diagnosis.

The best university for microbiology in University of the Punjab and UVAS Lahore. UVAS offers “Applied microbiology” in which hands on practice is done by students.

Various other universities including BZU, IUB, UOL are offering B.S Microbiology in medical science fields.

Microbiology jobs in Pakistan

Job opportunities for microbiologists are in various scientific institutes. They can join them as a researchers or scientific officers.

Moreover, they can also do lectureship in many institutes.

Diagnostic laboratories also hire microbiologists to prepare and verify their diagnostic reports.

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What must be focused to get admission in fields after FSc pre-medical ??

All the above fields after FSC pre-medical or degrees after FSc pre-medical are offered by many universities.

These universities have different admission criteria, some conduct their own entry test while sme universities accept NTS test to calculate merit.

You must be aware of the admission policy of the particular university in which you are interested to take admission. It is so simple, just check their website and read the admission procedure details.

You can also check previous merit lists to have an idea of the merit of medical science fields in that university.

Always check your interests- degrees after FSc pre-medical

Whatever from the degrees after FSc pre-medical you are going to choose; you must keep in mind that you have interest in that area of study. Without interest you will not able to achieve your future targets.

Also, if you want to join any industry for job or planning your own business, must check the job opportunities as they match your criteria or not.

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