Duphaston is the tablet which is commonly prescribed in early pregnancy or to those females who are trying to conceive. It is important to know what is the composition, duphaston tablet uses, and what is the purpose of prescribing this medicine.

Read this blog til end to have a detailed insight about duphaston tablet uses and its side effects too.

duphaston tablet uses

Duphaston is the tablet which is available in Pakistan by the manufacturer Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd.

Why duphaston is prescribed?

It is basically a female hormonal therapy. Duphaston tablet have a particular quantity of synthetic Progesterone hormone called “dydrogesterone”.

Those females who have imbalance in a very important hormone “progesterone”, are recommended to take this tablet.

In a recommended dosage; the hormone acts same like the naturally produced progesterone. So all the issues generated by irregular or reduced production goes on improving.

Role of progesterone in female body

It is a female sex hormone; produced in adrenal cortex and ovaries. It is a key hormone which is involved in preparing the body to carry on pregnancy.

It is involved in thickening of the uterus wall to implant embryo as well as to prohibit muscular contractions. The muscular contractions can reject the successful implantation of the embryo and propels out.

Moreover,it is involved to regularize the menstrual cycle and improving fertility.

Imbalance in progesterone levels affects female fertility, disturbs normal menstrual cycle as well as certain other issues. Endometriosis, headache, severe cramps during menstruation are some signs of hormonal imbalance.

In very young girls, pre menstrual syndrome occurs by progesterone disturbance and they feel discomfort. Same is the case with menopausal stage women. Intake of progesterone can help to relieve these symptoms.

Duphaston tablet uses

1- It is recommended to take in early days of pregnancy as it helps to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Progesterone deficiency can cause serious issues regarding pregnancy.

It strengthens the wall of uterus to carry embryo and its further growth. Later, placenta develops and secretes further progesterone to balance the increasing demand of this hormone.

2- Medical specialists are well aware of duphaston tablet uses; so they prescribe for those females who have more chances of abortion. It may involve those who are acquiring artificial fertilization therapy.

Females who have bleeding issues before 20th week of pregnancy are also on a more chance for miscarriage. So they are prescribed to take duphaston regularly for maintaining pregnancy.

3- It is also widely recommended to females with fertility issues. It helps to set the menstrual cycle in those who do not get regular periods.

Some may encounter heavy bleeding for many days and some have spotting for random days. This hormonal deficiency reduces the chance of ovulation on time and conceiving.

Duphaston tablet uses includes to sort of these issues. There are approximately 3 to 6 menstrual cycles to be pass on by using this tablet. When the hormone balances, menstruation goes on normal as well as timely ovulation of a good sized follicle.

Even after conceiving, it is prescribed to use for at least a month to stable a normal pregnancy.

4- For girls, who have diagnosed with endometriosis, are also prescribed with this medicine. In endometriosis, lining of the uterus grows outside the womb and cause severe cramps in pelvis area.

With endometriosis, the female suffers from severe menstruation pain or may have heavy bleeding during the days.

Endometriosis do not have a specific age limit, it starts from early menstruation and may last longer. It is very difficult to get pregnancy with endometriosis.

Your doctor will perform ultrasound scans to detect this condition and will recommend treatment.

Duphaston tablet uses has enabled many females to minimize this situation and get pregnant. It is prescribed for at at least 3 months depending upon the condition of the patient.

5- Duphaston is also advised in PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) in which follicle is not properly matured when it releases. Moreover, irregular menstruation, weight gain, excessive hairs on face also occurs with PCOS.

Duphaston help in PCOS to set menstrual cycle and release mature follicle in ovulation.

6- Duphaston is also used to treat post menopausal symptoms in women. It relieves hot flushes, depression, breast pain and mood swings.

7- Duphaston also provide relief to pre menstrual symptoms like breast tenderness, pelvic pain, and others. Also, if endometriosis occurs at first menstruation, it will help to cure this.


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How to take the tablet?

Each duphaston tablet contains 10 mg ‘dydrogesterone”.

The tablet can be taken without food as well as with food on the specific time daily.

If the dosage is missed, do not take double tablet at the next time.

For breastfeeding mothers, duphaston is not usually recommended.  In pregnancy, it should be taken as per prescription of the doctor.

Side effects of Duphaston tablet

Below are some side effects of taking Duphaston tablet. But keep in mind that every one do not experiences these side effects. Also, not every side effect will be observed in a person.

Any female may experience any of the below possible side effect.

  • Dry mouth condition may occur after taking tablet for more the one menstrual cycle as prescribed.
  • There may occur abdominal discomfort.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting is also reported in few cases.
  • Breast pain and tenderness may also occur.
  • Depression and mood swings may occur in a patient with painful menstruation.
  • Very rare symptoms include cough and drowsiness in the female.

If you feel severe side effect and discomfort, do not wait to contact with your doctor. He will observe you for the particular side effect.

Upon confirmation, he may change the tablet or dosage for it.

Duphaston tablet Is recommended to cure large number of female issue specially fertility issues, irregular menstruation and to avoid possible miscarriages. But it should not be used without doctor recommendation.

Doctor may prescribe you with some other medicine too.

Also, he will ask you for any sort of medicine allergy or previous medicine reaction, if has happened to you.

Dosage also varies per person as per her age and condition.


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