Am I pregnant?? Early signs of pregnancy & Pregnancy test

early signs of pregnancy, pregnancy test

It is a beautiful feeling when you are willing to conceive a baby and perhaps for some; it is so desperate to wait for the good news. There are a number of early signs of pregnancy through which you can have a guess about your ongoing condition. Moreover, you can confirm the biggest news with the help of a pregnancy test.

In this blog, we will have a detailed discussion about early signs of pregnancy which can be felt by most of the females and the pregnancy test by which it can be confirmed to announce.

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Pregnancy; Expecting a child

Pregnancy is a beautiful state of going through the procedure of becoming a mother, and well every lucky women wants to be the part of this emotional roller coaster to enjoy motherhood.

In pregnancy, a fertilized egg develops into a fetus inside a woman’s uterus. It is about 9 months long period, comprising three trimesters (each lasting approximately 13 weeks) until delivery date comes.

Feeling happy during the journey is natural, as it is the exciting and joyful time in anyone’s life.

Female body experiences a lot of changes during 9 months starting from bearing early symptoms to the tough challenges of last weeks before delivery.

Early signs of pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy can vary from woman to woman and some women may not experience any symptoms at all in the early stages.

It is like the same as some females do not feel menstruation pains while some starts experiencing before even the bleeding starts.

However, here are some common early signs of pregnancy by which you can anticipate a good news for you and your partner.

1- Missing Periods

It is one of the earliest symptoms which every female experience.

She do not have periods on her expected date.

It is here to be confirmed here that not missed periods confirm pregnancy to about 100 percent as there are many other reasons for missed or delayed periods. But every pregnant women experience this symptom.

2- Muscular cramps in lower belly

Some females may feel muscular cramps in their lower belly. Along with cramps, there may light spotting also.

This sign is almost always confused with the menstruation pain and spotting.

All this is due to the hormonal changes going in body to prepare for carrying a baby.

3- Nausea and Vomiting

Some women experience nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning. This condition, also called “morning sickness”  lasts for about first trimester and settles down by itself.

You can take medication to reduce the severity with the consultation of a gynecologist.

3- Breast changes

Breast tenderness, swelling or tingling may occur as early as one to two weeks after conception.

So, it is also the prominent one among early signs of pregnancy.

4- Headache

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause headaches in some women.

For some days, it becomes every time irritation and then settles down after some days by itself

It’s important to note that these symptoms can also be caused by other factors and not all women experience all these early signs of pregnancy.

They are all a guess by which you can assess either pregnant or not. The only way to confirm the news is through a pregnancy test or by visiting a healthcare provider.


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Pregnancy test

Pregnancy is typically confirmed through a variety of procedures, including a pregnancy test to detect the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in a woman’s urine or blood.

Secondly, an ultrasound to visualize the developing fetus.

If test is positive, it means the female is pregnant.

Prenatal care is important to ensure the health both the mother and the fetus.

It include regular check-ups with a healthcare provider to monitor the progress.

There are following pregnancy test by which the news can be confirmed.

1- Home pregnancy test/Quick pregnancy test

It is the simplest method to confirm while the symptoms you are experiencing are related to pregnancy.

Strip Pregnancy test

There are pregnancy strips; named under many brands; coated with a hormone antibodies to react and show the result.

They are typically urine-based and involve placing a test strip or stick into a urine sample.

Results are usually available within a few minutes and some tests can detect as early as a few days before a missed period.

If human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone is present in female urine, the strip will show positive result.

It is advised to perform strip test two times to fully confirm that there is no error regarding result reading.

early signs of pregnancy, pregnancy test

Blood pregnancy test

They are more sensitive than urine tests and can detect pregnancy earlier, sometimes within a week of conception. There are two types of blood tests:

Quantitative hCG tests, which measure the amount of hCG in the blood.

Qualitative hCG tests, which simply detect the presence of hCG.

You may visit a medical lab to give blood sample and book a test for detecting pregnancy.

2- Ultrasound by a healthcare provider

It is always recommended that visit a gynecologist if you have missed periods and feeling other early symptoms. Most of women always prefer to test by strip on their urine sample to confirm and visiting a doctor comes; at the second step.

It is good to confirm at home but do not ignore to get your checkup by a doctor.

A doctor also recommends blood test and perform an ultrasound scan to check pregnancy.

This will make you satisfy for having a healthy pregnancy and you may get a supplement prescription to carry it in a healthy way.

The anticipation of becoming a mother can be a positive and happy experience for many women. It can also be a challenging and stressful time also.

It’s important to take care of both the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy. Stress for any reason, may cause damage to the health of the baby as well mother.

Prenatal care is necessary to ensure a healthy journey and a safe delivery. It is important for expectant mothers to attend all scheduled prenatal appointments and to follow the recommendations of their healthcare provider.


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