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Best Custard Desserts recipes to add in your menu

custard desserts

Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary or wedding, custard desserts bring joy to the occasion. From dry fruit vanilla custard, custard ice creams to fruit trifles and cakes, there are endless options when it comes to custard desserts.

Who doesn’t love a delicious sweet dish after a meal? Sweet dishes are the compulsory part of any celebration or gathering.

Is there anything more Pleasing than boosting your taste buds with a chilled sweet dish?

Parties are incomplete without delicious custard desserts that can be enjoyed by all.

In many cultures, it is customary to end a meal with a sweet dish.

Pakistani and Indian culture is the example of this. They love to eat desserts after having a meal or with tea. Including sweet dishes in the menu can add to the cultural authenticity of the restaurant or event also.

Not only do custard desserts add taste, but they can also be healthy when made with natural ingredients.

There are so many different types of desserts out there, from classic cakes and pies to more modern dishes like ice cream sundaes and frozen yogurt parfaits. Whatever your preference may be, it is sure that you will enjoy eating!

Let’s explore best custard desserts recipes which you must add in your menu.

Delicious Custard desserts

Are you looking for an amazing sweet dish to please your taste buds? Look no further than custard dessert!

This delicious treat is perfect for summer days and can be made with fresh fruits of your choice.

Whether you are hosting a party or just want something special for yourself, chilled custard dessert is the perfect way to cool off and satisfy your cravings.

There is a variety of recipes having little differences available on social media platforms; which can be tried easily. Every chef adds some uniqueness to add flavor to the dish. You can made them at home or order from any restaurant.

Custard is a versatile and delicious dessert ingredient that can be used in a variety of desserts.

Especially in India and Pakistan, it is widely used to cook a number of delicious sweet dishes. Custard desserts are popular among kids as well as adults.

Custard Fruit Trifle

fruit trifle

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Fruit trifle is a classic dessert made up of layers of custard, fruit, sponge cake and whipped cream.

It is loved by the guests when added in the party menu. Fresh fruits adds a refreshing taste in creamy custard, moreover nuts adds delicious flavor. In Indian and Pakistani weddings and parties, fruit trifle is the routine dessert served.


First of all, Simple custard is prepared in fresh milk, whatever flavor you like, can be added.

Then, any fresh or canned fruit can be used, but strawberries, raspberries, peaches and bananas are popular choices.
Dry fruits like almonds, pistachio or other can be added as per choice.

Some people also like to add jellies of various colors to give more appealing presentation.
Top layer of the fruit trifle can be made with whipping cream. You can make your own whipped cream or use store-bought whipped cream.

Vanilla custard is also used in a number of sweet dishes made with various kinds of biscuits like lotus biscuits.

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Lab-e-Shirin is a popular Persian dessert that is made with milk, vermicelli, sugar and a variety of nuts and dried fruits.

It is also served with vanilla ice-cream to make it chilled and more flavorful. It is one of the best custard desserts that is typically served cold.


To make Lab-e-Shirin, Milk is boiled and sugar is added to taste. Then corn flour (mixed in water) is added to make milk thick.
It is now cooled, then fresh cream and rose water is added. Boiled pasta vermicelli is added in it.
Upon choice, various dry fruits can be added and kept in refrigerator.

Before serving, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is added in the bowl and and prepared creamy dessert put on it. It is liked when served in chilled form specially in summer season.

Custard ice cream

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Vanilla custard ice cream is a rich and creamy frozen dessert that is made with a custard base and flavored with vanilla. It is also one of the best custard desserts, liked by kids.


To make custard ice cream, Milk is boiled and sugar is added in it as per taste. Now custard powder is mixed with normal water and added in the boiling milk. It is cooked properly now.

Now take heavy cream and whip it until it have rising peaks. Mix it with the prepared custard and whip again.

Put it in refrigerator for one hour. Now again whip this mixture and put it in refrigerator again.
It is ready to serve out.

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Why you must add custard desserts in your party menu?

There are several reasons why people often include custard desserts in their party menu at home.

Sweet dishes are often associated with celebrations and can help to create a festive atmosphere in a party. Including sweet dishes in the menu; you can add variety to the food selection, making the meal more interesting and enjoyable for guests.

Many cultures have a tradition of serving sweets or desserts during special occasions and including them in the party menu can help to honor these traditions.

Overall, including custard recipes in a party menu can add to the enjoyment of the event and help to create a memorable and satisfying experience for guests.

From classic desserts like cakes and pies to unique creations like ice cream sandwiches, fruit trifle or cupcakes with edible decorations, there are plenty of options available when it comes to sweet dishes.

Custard fruit trifle, Lab e Shirin, custard ice-cream, Candy layered custard and many other are the healthy option you must opt to add in your menu.

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